Leo characteristics - Do not deny me

The purpose of a Leo is to be seen.

Just like the Sun, of which Leo is a child, there is no escape to acknowledging it. The Sun is always there, whether you see it or not.

Same goes for Leo.
It's always there.

Only Leo needs to be seen, to be acknowledged.
To be seen in his/her Being.
To see its Joy, Love, Pain or Agony.

Leo covers the complete spectrum of the Sun's shine.
One who denies a Leo, will face the facts.
You'll be forced to recognise his/her presence.
No matter what.

It's what Leo's do.
No exception to that rule.

Turn your face and Leo will love you.
In any possible way, loyal as a Leo is.
Turn your back and Leo will tend to devour you.
In any possible way, righteous as a Leo is to him-/herself.

Your choice.