International womens day, March 8th 2017

When I think about the importance of women in this world,
I mostly think of the Goddess a woman represents
The woman was a devine creation, just like Adam was, both representing male and female
To both exist in equality with each other

I don't feel the need to prove the right, nor the purpose, of a woman to exist
Everything a woman stands for, is well known by both men and women
Still, there is no equality (yet) between men and women as it was ment to be
Equality as our devine right and purpose to exist in this dual world

As much as women are struggling to claim their devine position in this world
I see it from a different side
Both men and women have male and female qualities in them
When men surpress women, they surpress the female in their own nature
Same goes for women, who surpress the male and dominant qualities in themselves

What you fight against in your outer world
is the struggle you have in your inner world
Therefor I would like to share my wish on this International Womens Day
To accept our devine male and female aspects within ourselves and each other
To bloom and grow in equality
Allowing to connect again with our devine nature
In order to balance both male and female
To restore what was ment to be
With compassion for ourselves and others
I know women can do that
So can men, when we all allow them to do so

Blessed be <3

Lilian 08-03-2017